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Edge and Surface Repairs for Chips and Pitting. Restore, Polish, Seal and Buff Countertops & Vanities

Etching, Stain Removal and Refinishing Solid Surfaces

Sawing and Hole Drilling at Your Residence. Re-fabrication Solid Surface Material

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Residential Floor Resurfacing and Repair - Granite, Marble and Travertine

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Solid Surfaces Are Beautiful

Cranite, Marble, Travertine and Quartz

Granite, Marble, Quartz and Travertine are very expensive, why let a few chips, pits or scratches ruin the pleasure you take when you look at your countertops.

Over time stone gets dinged up.  A heavy pan or bottle catches the edge just right and “bang” you have a chip on the edge of your beautiful countertop. It’s no bigger than a finger nail, but to you it is glaring.  Or a heavy object gets set on the countertop and it slides a little, now you have a scratch in your beautiful stone.   Or you're remodeling and the new appliance is wider and the countertop needs to be cut to make more space.

The area where you do most of your food preparation takes a beating and soon the surface starts to get rough.  As time goes on it gets rougher and rougher, just from normal use.  And it only gets worse and more annoying over time.

If you’re selling your home, buyers want your home to be in “move in ready” condition.  Kitchens sell homes, and you want yours looking it’s best.  A savvy buyer or home inspector will run their hand over the edges and work surfaces of the stone, feeling for roughness. 

It’s now easy to have your stone surfaces restored to near perfect condition.  After doing the appropriate repairs we will seal and polish your stone surface to bring out the shine and luster your buyer wants to see. We can solve that problem and help speed up your sale, just call Fort Collins Granite Repair, LLC at 970-805-0805.

We use special fillers for pits on work surfaces that become as hard as the granite itself and are safe for food preparation. These fillers will not discolor over time. On edges we fill the nicks with a similar compound and match the shape of your edge. While not perfect, you will probably be the only person to know where the pits or nicks ever were. 

 In addition to the above services we also cut solid surface countertops.   We have specialized equipment that allows us to cut with a minimal amount of dust.  We also drape cabinets and nearby furniture with plastic to catch dust that escapes. We can enlarge spaces for wider appliances and cut both circular and oblong openings as well as square sink holes in an existing kitchen or bathroom. 

Then we polish all of your stone so it matches and has that luster that you loved the day your stone was installed by buffing the surface and then using a professional sealer that will last for years.

Granite Repair in Fort Collins can also come to your home or commercial building and just buff and professionally seal your stone if you want to keep it looking beautiful.

We provide Granite Repair in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greele

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Your options are to either replace your countertop at a cost of thousands or repair and restore it for a few hundred dollars.